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December 2006

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:: A new life for an elderly dog
:: Does your wireless carrier support animal abuse in the form of entertainment?
:: Move to ACT assists more than 900 callers in 2006
:: Better Business Bureau reveals unusual method of choosing Ethics Awards recipients
:: City leaders make significant modifications to dangerous dog ordinance
:: Rescue groups benefit from free behavior training
As 2006 comes to a close, it seems that there's more need than ever for Move to Act¹s commitment to candid dialogue and sincere respect for animal welfare in our community. For the past 3 years, we've worked to bring the grassroots voice of animal welfare into public discussion with research, education and a press for accountability.
This year, our efforts have focused on closing the persistent and troubling gap between political correctness, genuine caring, and respectful acquisition and disbursement of resources. With your continued support, we can keep animal care concerns - your concerns - at the forefront of community discussion for humane and meaningful change.
A new life for an elderly dog Billy
On June 13th, 2006 mtA received a call from a social worker with the Marion Co Health Dept. One of her elderly clients had to be hospitalized under emergency circumstances and in the client's apartmentt was left a scared, senior poodle. The social worker wanted to know if there was any agency that could assist her in removing and caring for this little dog until there was some resolution with her elderly client. This was a situation we had not encountered and did not know of anyone who filled this void.

Unable to imagine this dog being left alone indefinitely in the apartment, an mtA volunteer accompanied the social worker to the apartment to find a frightened little dog who had no intentions of leaving. With care and patience, this little guy was gently secured and taken to Robin Herman's (an mtA board member) "Lucky Dog Retreat." Upon closer exam, Billie was found to be suffering from bilateral eye infections, skin sores and a coat so matted that it was impossible for urine and stool to part company from his body or his legs to move freely.

Thanks to liberal administration of TLC, veterinary care and careful socialization with other dogs, old man Billie became healthier, younger and more confident. When we learned that Billie's mom would no longer be able to care for him, he was relinquished into the hands of Lucky Dog Retreat where Robin found him a caring new home where he is loved and spoiled. Truly a reincarnation for Billie!
Move to ACT assists more than 900 callers in 2006
As the only listing in the yellow pages under Humane Societies, Move to ACT serves as a crossroad of information for those seeking guidance with animals in crisis: lost animals, found animals, people wanting direction for where to adopt animals, animals to be surrendered, animals with behavioral concerns, and wildlife issues. By the end of 2006, we will have received and responded to over 900 calls for help.

Does your wireless carrier support animal abuse in the form of entertainment?
Move to ACTs concern for animals does not stop with companion animals. How we unconsciously spend our dollars may very well be supporting animal abuse beyond our community. Did you know that Cingular is the sponsor for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association? Rodeos promote the abuse of farm animals under the guise of sport and entertainment. Many move to ACT supporters are dropping their wireless service with Cingular and changing to another provider unless Cingular withdraws their rodeo sponsorship by January 1, 2007. Wont you join us?

Learn more about rodeos and this campaign and how you can make your voice heard here

Better Business Bureau reveals unusual method of choosing Ethics Awards recipients

Move to ACT has recently learned from the Better Business Bureau that to receive the Charity of Ethics award, a not-for-profit organization simply submits its own application! A subjective opinion is then made by a panel of “very qualified, distinguished judges.” If they find no reason to dispute an accountant¹s audit, it will be accepted without question. If you submit “the best written” application and the judges feel that your organization meets the BBB¹s Standards for Charity Accountability, the award is yours. Have you submitted your application yet? l
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Rescue groups benefit from free behavior training

Move to ACT provided (at no cost) behavior training for 25 dogs in foster care from central Indiana rescue groups in 2006. Behavior problems are a common reason for relinquishment of animals. By learning what has caused a distasteful behavior and applying protocols learned in the training program to modify these behaviors, foster care trainers can reduce the dog¹s risk of re-relinquishment.
To learn more about Dog Behavior Training for Rescue Organizations

City leaders make significant modifications to dangerous dog ordinance Pitty Bull
Breed specific legislation has been given much attention this year with the increased reporting of dog attacks. Move to ACT was actively consulted by leaders in three Indiana communities this past year and is pleased to report that our own Indianapolis City-County Councilors took the time to craft a meaningful dangerous dog ordinance with respect to the input of their constituents.

Ordinance No 94, 2006, Proposal 370, 2006
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Move to Act wishes each of you a safe holiday season and thanks you for caring about the animals in our community.

Move to ACT is a 501c3

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