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February, 20 04

Advocate on behalf of animal welfare issues within Indianapolis and surrounding communities.

MovetoACT has been busy in the brief time since we launched last December.   Although the energy for this initiative has been in the community for years, mtA enables us to focus as a collective force and "move to act" to help "rebuild the trust" in the leadership of the Humane Society of Indianapolis (HSI), an agency that needs to be performing at its best for the animals of our city.   If you missed our e-mail broadcast initiative on January 25th, see the letter at: http://www.old.movetoact.org/dear_friends.htm

Our membership is approaching 100 members from as far away as Washington State, Maine and Florida.   National animal welfare interest groups and folks such as Merritt Clifton's Animal People and Bob Christiansen are watching this campaign in Indianapolis. We have also received word that Governor Buldacci and Senator Olympia Snow, of Maine, have received information on the mtA campaign to help HSI!


A special "thank you" to:

  • Those who attended our "fireside" information sessions during the busy holiday season.
  • Those who have made financial contributions to keep this initiative alive!   Contributions continue to be welcome.
  • Those who have contributed "special talents".
  • Those who have checked "supporter" on the website enabling us to post your name as such. If you donated but didn't list yourself as a "supporter" we allow you to be anonymous - but if you would like to be listed as a supporter, drop us a line to let us know at: info@movetoact.org or go to the website and click on "supporter."
  • ARPO , Indiana Sheltie Rescue , The Williams Foundation and the Jesus MCC Animal Ministry for being confident and "stepping up to the plate" as an organization to "join up" with mtA.   If your organization would like to "join up" with mtA to help "Rebuild the Trust" and prevent 13,000+ animals a year become introduced into an already overwhelmed rescue system, join as a organizational supporter at http://www.old.movetoact.org/join_us.htm .

(Note: Your 501(c)3 status is NOT jeopardized when aligning with a grass roots organization).

  • NUVO and Mary Lee Pappas for the fair and balanced article that introduced mtA to the community.


  • Indy Feral for sharing mtA 's introductory letter on their mailing list.
  • Spay Neuter Services of Indiana for mentioning us in their recent Newsletter
  • You who have chosen to "move to act" and have written a letter to HSI board president Monty Korte to express your concerns and specifically identifying what specific actions he can take to "restore the trust" in the agency.  

Speaking of Letters:

Mr. Korte has received letters from as far away as Maine and Florida.  

From Florida:
"I live in Florida, and even down here we have heard about the situation in Indianapolis.It is a real shame and an embarrassment for Indianapolis. The time to act is NOW".

"I have made a donation supporting Move to Act's Rebuild Trust initiative"

R. Oxley


From Indianapolis:

"I volunteer at Indpls Animal Care and Control...   If the staff and board of the Indpls Humane Society have nothing to hide, then why don't they prove it, once and for all?   Anything less just reinforces the lingering suspicion that all is not right.   Unfortunately, in the end, it's still the animals that suffer!   Way, way, way, too bad!!!"

Paula Puntenney


"I would like to see a complete disclosure of accounting funds and how they have been used.   The monies should be used to save animals, and pay competent people to care for them, run the organization, veterinary care provided to the animal and provide training and PR.   At no time should money or business credit cards ever been used for personal items".

"I have made a donation supporting Move to Act's Rebuild Trust initiative".

Vicky Tisdial


MtA has been informed that those of you sending letters to Mr. Korte with very "specific concerns or requests for information."   (the letter he is receiving can be viewed at: http://www.old.movetoact.org/letter_print.htm .) are receiving a lengthy email response. 

Here is an excerpt:

"I urge you as an individual to let me or any HSI representative know of any of your specific concerns or requests for information."

Is Mr. Korte reading your letter?


As many of you know, including Mr. Korte and Ms Boden:

On January 15, 2002 Warren and several other concerned volunteers met with HSI board members with concerns about HSI behavior and leadership. They were greeted with a video camera (unannounced to them) obscurely sitting in the corner of the room to record the meeting.

A six-page letter (from Warren) regarding HSI leadership and fiduciary concerns was distributed to all board members (via previous HSI board member Darcie Kurtz) this past September 2003, but it was quickly dismissed by the HSI leadership, along with nineteen other letters expressing concern of the agency's leadership behavior.

The co-founders of mtA have spent (literally) hours with Ms. Boden, reviewing HSI integrity concerns.   Ms. Boden finally asked Warren to discontinue initiating dialogue with board members.   She asked Karen Patitz for a luncheon date for further discussion.   Karen accepted but never received any further communication from Ms. Boden.

Ms. Boden says in the January 14 th NUVO interview:

"I think I would like to sit down and talk with them [Move to Act], understand what their questions are and try to see if we can answer them."

Mr. Korte says at the end of his lengthy letter reply:

"I also urge you to encourage MoveToAct to respond to our communications and our attempt to provide as-of-yet unrequested information."

Accuracy of Information:
January 15 th , 2004 MtA contacted HSI board president Mr.Korte to offer to meet.
January 16 th , Mr. Korte declined.

  "I'm not sure we're at a stage where we can meet to provide a response to your objectives because I'm still not sure what they are."

Full text of the correspondence between Mr. Korte and mtA can be viewed at: http://www.old.movetoact.org/response.htm

MtA will not engage in circular rhetoric despite Mr. Korte's efforts otherwise.

Mr. Korte makes reference to his visit to the mtA website in that same reply:

"My quick review of the website does not provide clear insight into the realobjectives of the organization."     and...

Feb. 5 th , 2004
"Before drafting this message, I took a quick minute to check the MovetoAct website. It was surreal to see a description of "declines offer to meet with mtA representatives" stemming from my attached message...."

Perhaps "quick reviews" and "minutes" don't allow enough time for him to read the three very clear objectives seen on the home page: http://www.old.movetoact.org .

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Korte's   (after January 15 th ) reply to people writing him about "rebuilding the trust."

"After not receiving a reply from several attempts to contact Warren Patitz and MoveToAct to try and understand their concerns and receive any requests, we and the rest of the community were able to read an article in Nuvo about the organization surprisingly, including reports that HSI did not reply to Warren's or MoveToAct's requests"

Again, full text of the correspondence between Mr. Korte and mtA can be viewed at: http://www.old.movetoact.org/response.htm


"Down to the Bone"
What happened to over $9,000,000* designated for the animals, between 2000-2003?
The animals want to know, we want to know.
(*estimate based on public disclosure IRS Form 990's).


Fireside Information Presentations:

As we progress along the path of asking for accountability of The Humane Society of Indianapolis asset losses that puts the agency at high risk of closing, several people have come "on board" along the way.   If you or anyone you know is interested in a mtA "fireside" presentation and Q/A to learn more - please contact us either by phone: 317-641-9300 or email: info@movetoact.org .

We will be having meetings on the following dates and times:

1. February 21, 2 PM
2. February 22, 2 PM

  • The response to movetoACT's campaign has been enthusiastic, but we have lots yet to do to prevent this agency from exhausting the remaining treasury that was meant for the animals, as it is doing.   Please encourage friends to visit our website at www.old.movetoact.org to join, donate and write a letter to Mr. Korte to tell him what he can do to "rebuild the trust."

Remember, 13,000+ animals will flood into the central Indiana animal rescue system resulting in an increase in the kill rate, unless HSI waste is halted and accountability is brought to the table. The goal of mtA is to prevent this from happening. Please join us. Act now.

Thank You,

Warren and Karen Estridge Patitz
Cofounders of MovetoACT

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