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Just One Day no-kill event becomes a record five no-kill days in Indianapolis

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July Newsletter
July 2009

For the Dogs! is once again holding its famous annual charity dog wash (and nail trim) at 106th and Zionsville Rd on July 18th 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM. Proceeds will benefit move to ACT (mtA) and Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outdoors (F.I.D.O.). This has always been a fun and popular event. Mark your calendars, bring your dogs for a TLC bathing and we hope to see you there!

Move to ACT has investigated multiple reports it has received regarding a pattern of disturbing practices by the agent who operates as the local, "Second Chance Rescue." Facts documented are that Second Chance Rescue:

To assure that the public will have confidence adopting an animal from a rescue group, that veterinarians are not discouraged extending the kindness of their services and people are not
patronizing pet stores for companion animals - responsible animal husbandry and fiduciary practices must be embraced for the reputation of the rescue community that parallels the well-being of the animals themselves it serves.

Flying under the radar

Many individuals and organizations in animal ministry work both tirelessly and quietly, abstaining from self-promotion. MtA recognizes Lucky Dog Retreat.

In the past 3 years, Lucky Dog's Robin Herman and her staff have fostered (medically treated when needed) and adopted-out 31 dogs from IACC, plus intercepted 14 more dogs who were headed into the "sheltering" system! See some of the 45 well-socialized "lucky dogs" here.

Here is an opportunity: If you are affiliated with a doggie day care and are interested in learning more about how your facility can "pay-forward" and become an important part of the life-saving, animal foster rescue network - contact Robin at Lucky Dog Retreat 317-849-5555

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) received 121 animals on Monday, June 22. Fifty-one (51) of these animals (including 4 moms and litters) were dogs who arrived in one group as a result of a care and treatment situation. A plea was made for foster assistance. In 1- 2 days - 49 dogs were committed to foster care. Many of these individuals stepping-up were first-time fosters who responded to the plea! Much appreciation and blessings to all who came forward to assist ACC and these animals! People care, and there are a lot of caring people in our community.

On July 4th 160 animals left Indianapolis Animal Care and Control alive with an overwhelming successful adoption event that set a national record for an open admission shelter!

See media coverage here

. Cars were lined up to Harding St and the adoption line extended around the building, regardless of the rain. At the end of the day, there were 64 empty cages. Congratulations to the IACC staff and the terrific volunteers who made this historic event possible.

So much for, "too many animals, not enough homes."

Studies indicate that 85% of companion animals in homes come from sources other than shelters. What does that tell us? It tells us that there is a market for companion animals that in large part is being filled by pet stores which in turn serve as outlets for the puppy mill breeders. Based on the average lifespan of dogs and cats and the increasing number of families looking for a pet, creative and competitive marketing is needed to increase the current meager15% share that shelters now provide. This is going to change.

Shelter animals are soon to benefit from a 3-year public service advertising campaign being launched by the Ad Council in mid-2009. The focus of the campaign is to encourage Americans to adopt dogs and cats from animal shelters. A study by the Council shows that 17 million people are going to bring a new pet into their home next year and have not decided where that animal will come from. They can be influenced to adopt from a shelter next year where there are roughly 3,000,000 available animals.

Read the Report from Maddie's Fund

7 of the top 10 reasons animal end up in shelters have nothing to do with spay/neuter. While spay/neuter is an important part of creating a more humane community, it will be impossible for us to achieve anywhere close to No Kill status without aggressive adoption programs. So while aggressive spay/neuter programs definitely help, community planners should remember that aggressive adoption programs are imperative to eliminating killing in shelters.

The mission of Move to ACT is to heighten community awareness of animal welfare issues and to advocate for improved policies and practices. MtA seeks truth and responsibility and is guided by principles of respect, accountability and integrity.

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