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March 22nd: 
MtA sent a News Release announcing the Objection filing to the Mary Crume Trust.  On that same day Mr. Bolick brought to mtA’s attention that Aline Anderson, long time board member and attorney who specializes in estates and trusts, had resigned from the board, with only about 8 weeks left on her second three-year term.

March 26th: 
Bill Theobald reports in the Star on HSI official’s comments. See mtA commentary at

 On this date a letter with a misleading heading:   
From:  "Move to Act" mta@indyhumane.org
 …was mailed to mtA membership from HSI officials!

The letter was to “foster an open dialogue.”  It does seem a curious way to “foster open dialogue” or invite trust with a return label “From Move to Act” when it is created by (and coming from) The Humane Society of Indianapolis officials. This is from leadership to whom we can entrust millions of animal welfare dollars, and the management, care and disposition of 13000 animals/year?  

March 29th:
IBJ reports on “HSI Clawing for a Future.”  See mtA commentary at http://www.old.movetoact.org/commentary3_29.htm 

March 30th:
MtA posts HSI board slate candidates.  This slate can be viewed at: http://www.old.movetoact.org/new_board.htm . This slate is still growing as mtA is receiving additional interested candidates who want to help rebuild trust in the Humane Society of Indianapolis.


The date for the annual open/public Humane Society board meeting at which time new board members and officers are to be announced is May 19th.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend!  MtA does not yet know the details.  Please feel free to contact the Humane Society at mta@indyhumane.org for a specific time and location.

President –elect Brent Bolick insists that there will be no resignation of current board members and that “there is value in maintaining some leadership continuity.”  Mr. Bolick did not reply to mtA’s request for a public hearing by April 15th to accept petitioners’ objective to restore the Humane Society of Indianapolis, acknowledge board member resignations and accept new slate candidates for the May election.


Results are in regarding the “Down to the Bone Campaign” Petition drive to restore the Humane Society of Indianapolis!
The number of individuals in the Indianapolis area who have indicated by their signature that they support the campaign and agree that:

“The current HSI board has demonstrated fiscal irresponsibility, does not reflect the character of the animal welfare people of the community and does not represent the best interest of the animals it is entrusted to serve.”…is:


Two thousand four hundred twenty eight 

…as of this mailing.

and signatures are still coming in!

There was great dialogue and education generated in obtaining these signatures.  The signature captains did an extraordinary job and our hats are off to the passion that drove this effort. Great job everyone!

The people of Indianapolis are saying to the HSI officials, loud and clear:

“It is time to step down and let the capable and willing community volunteer leaders  - who have conscious and purposeful experience at responsible stewardship of animals (and the money donated for their well-being) - assist the Humane Society out of its suicidal, (and what IBJ identifies as a…).

“Death spiral.”

The impact on the city, the other animal welfare agencies and most importantly the animals is at stake.


April 3rd:
Recognition and  “thanks” to WIBC Radio for airing an interview with Bill Theobald (of the Indianapolis Star) by John Strauss regarding mtA’s interest to help restore HSI and the objection filing to the Mary Crume Trust. The filing is asking that better security be placed around the treasury of the trust so that it is not manipulated with reckless regard.

New mtA supporters:
See the growing list of supporters on the web site. www.old.movetoact.org. That list grows daily. 

Also, “Welcome” and “Thank you” to new “organization” supporters:
Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana, Inc.
Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue
Dog Dayz Playhouse and Retreat
Indiana Computer Enterprises, Inc.
Save A Lab
OhBoy! Media
Paws 4 Peace, Inc


Special thanks to Robin Herman, of Rivergrafx for her patient contribution of web site expertise.  This is in addition to her tireless mission work on behalf of the ainimals at the Home for Friendless Animals http://www.friendlessanimals.com/contact/

Robin shares with us...  

"Animals are more than ever a test of our character, of mankind's capacity for empathy and for decent, honorable conduct and faithful stewardship. We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense because they don't; because they all stand unequal and powerless before us."
-Matthew Scully, author of Dominion

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