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Rescue groups and the public invited to participate
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Just One Day no-kill event becomes a record five no-kill days in Indianapolis

“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work”
News Release(1/10/13)

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Happy New Year from Move to ACT
January 2008

:: Nathan Winograd to Return
:: Puppy Mill Awareness and Protest
:: Reckless sheltering practices have resulted in a lawsuit in Los Angeles.
:: New Hours at Humane Society of Indianapolis
:: Racketeering lawsuit filed against local humane society and its director.
:: Humane Lobby Day in Indiana
:: February is Spay Neuter Awareness Month

Our new year's resolution remains unchanged: The mission of Move to ACT is to heighten community awareness of animal welfare issues and to advocate for improved policies and practices. MtA seeks truth and responsibility and is guided by principles of respect, accountability and integrity.

Nathan Winograd to Return
Dates, time and location are being finalized for Nathan Winograd's No Kill Solutions conference in Indianapolis this spring. Nathan presented the history of animal sheltering (and where it went wrong) to the Indiana community at his REDEMPTION book signing this past October. The upcoming conference will provide two full days of work shops for implementing programs and policies oriented toward preserving animals' lives. " ...experience has shown that programs oriented toward preserving life are actually cost effective and cheaper than ones oriented toward killing... "

The current status quo sheltering practice is "adopting some and destroying the rest."

Stay tuned for details!

If you would like to help us make this possible please consider a contribution to move to ACT. here

Nathan Winograd's presentation inspired several listeners to take action toward encouraging changes in their communities where animal killing is practiced for population control and convenience. Lois Myers of South Bend, Indiana went home and created the Michiana Pet Advocacy Center to heighten community awareness. KerryAnn May returned to Shelbyville to heighten awareness there, Shelby Pets. We are keeping a close eye on Anderson and Vincennes, Indiana as well as central Ohio.

Read about the success in communities that have enthusiastically put into place the policies and practices that has proven to work... here

'Institutional inertia" radio interview... here

Listen to a podcast of Nathan Winograd... here

Reckless sheltering practices have resulted in a lawsuit in Los Angeles.
Take special note of the allegations in the statement. How many apply to the shelter in your own community? here...

Racketeering lawsuit filed against local humane society and its director.
The Humane Society of Indianapolis, its director Martha Boden and others face a Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Action, Corrupt Business Influence and Complaint for Damages lawsuit, filed on December 3, 2007 in Marion County Superior Court by disabled veteran Kim Gastineau.

Mr. Gastineau's dog, Spencer, wearing contact information on his collar, was destroyed in 2006 at HSI after Mr. Gastineau was denied access to the facility when looking for his dog to identify him. Mr. Gastineau was turned away and told his dog was not there. There followed a cascade of denials as Mr. Gastineau attempted to retrieve his dog's body and identification . The suit claims " ...the incidents and actions are not isolated or peculiar to plaintiff Gastineau and have occurred repeatedly and form a pattern of illegal, conspiratorial and criminal behavior."

MtA regrets that the policy of denying an individual access to a facility to view animals in holding areas when looking for their lost pet remains in place today at HSI. It invites unnecessary future pain, emotional suffering, animal killing and public distrust.

Move to ACT and Stop the Bell!

Puppy Mill Awareness and Protest
Thanks to channel 13 WTHR and Bob Segal for the fine investigative reporting and broadcast of the three- part series, "Puppy Pipeline" that previewed on Nov 26, 2007. Picture

As a result of this increased awareness there were dozens of protesters who braved the frigid cold on Dec 15th and 22nd to demonstrate opposition to the local Safari Pets and Uncle Bill's pet stores profiteering policy that perpetuates the local breeding mills.

Studies indicate that only 15% of the household pets come from shelters. The majority of the remaining 85% come from puppy mills and backyard breeders. No more.

Next round of demonstrations to address the large number of puppies sold at these businesses for Valentine's Day:

*Date--Saturday February 2nd
Location--Uncle Bill's Pet Center 14061 Mundy Drive Fishers, IN 46038
Time-- 12:00 to 1:30

*Then on to Safari Pets (same day)
Location--9265 U.S. Hwy 36 Avon, IN. 46123
Time--2:30 to 4:00

Please RSVP to Ginger Smith at to identify which demonstrations you will be able to attend.

Much thanks to Ginger for pulling this together and to everyone's efforts in calling attention to this horrific industry.

Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die.

New Hours at Humane Society of Indianapolis
Congratulations to HSI for establishing more user- friendly shelter hours as encouraged by Nathan Winograd. These new hours will allow people more convenient hours to visit the shelter and view the animals... here

Humane Lobby Day in Indiana

HSUS will be hosting on February 13 Humane Lobby Day in Indiana. If you're available to attend on February 13th (9-4) click... here to RSVP.

Contact Ann Sterling, HSUS representative, with questions. 812.606.7649 (cell) 812.339.3562 (office) 812.339.3663 (fax)

February is Spay Neuter Awareness Month

Spaying and neutering is at the foundation of reducing animal killing. Thanks to Spay Neuter Services of Indiana, low-cost coupons will be will available on February 1, 2008 at their website.

Here in Indy, just as in shelters across the U.S., there is a doorbell at the back door for the public to ring when they want to relinquish a stray or unwanted animal. Move to ACT and help us stop the bell. Animals Deserve Better. Killing animals for population control and convenience - No more.

"The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their true names." - Chinese proverb


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